Interior Styling

Grace Espresso


Grace Espresso underwent a styling transformation for their newly expanded unit in River Valley through the change of furniture pieces and seating configuration, and the addition of botanical elements for a cozier feel.

Their iconic midnight blue walls and existing white painted mural of their cafe logo was retained, while colour contrast was crearted with the addition of lighter wood-toned furniture pieces and a statement 3.5m tall mural painting of bird of paradise flowers. Dried botanicals were introduced to the space in the form of overhanging bouquets, table and floor arrangements, and walls pasted with scattered leaves

Styling becomes extremely useful and important to spaces that require refreshing rather than a major overhaul. By changing up the seating to a mix of lower lounge chairs and benches, we created more comfortable seating areas for longer periods of stay and communal dining, which was of top importance to the cafe owner when discussing expectations of styling.

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